Our Mission

Dreams represent the right to succeed and create a better life,
they are powerful drivers for those who take risks, work hard, and persevere,
regardless of their education, gender or background.

Inspired by the American dream, through sweat and passion,
we have learned to dare and see outsized opportunities
where others see risks.

At Red River West we work tirelessly and collaboratively with the best
European technology entrepreneurs to make their boldest dreams a reality.

Your Dream, Our Dream.
Red River West.

Backing European talents in the US

Red River West was created to bring active support to outstanding European Tech Companies that have something unique to bring to the US market and transform them into US and Global successes. Within the team, we all share a track record of building and backing start-ups which became global leaders through Europe to US expansion.

We see our mission of backing European talents into US and Global successes as of strong impact. Europe is indeed home to a talented, driven pool of highly educated engineers and creative entrepreneurs. But the unfamiliarity with the US market means that too many promising European start-ups do not realize their full potential. US success doesn’t just mean bigger scale and more capital: translating Europe-based talent into US success requires expertise, commitment, and a deep understanding of the different business cultures.

Narrow, hands-on portfolio strategy

In the way we operate as investors and partners, we fully align with the success of the entrepreneurs we back. We have indeed a narrow portfolio strategy: we invest in only circa 10 companies per fund. It makes it possible for our team to dedicate plenty of time to the success of each entrepreneur and truly provide game-changing hands-on support on both continents. This approach is unique in VC and those differentiated foundations have been driving and fuelling our operating and ESG approach since day 1.

Responsible approach

We believe the Tech segments & models we invest in present huge opportunities to serve ESG global concerns and potentially solve global issues, therefore investing in founders that care about their impact and take a responsible approach to growth is one of our core investment criteria.

We have integrated environmental, social and governance best practices in numerous aspects of our own organization, including our proprietary sourcing platform RAMP.

Read our Responsible Investment Policy

Bringing support on three ESG pillars

Our latest fund RRW II Growth is classified under Article 8 of SFDR regulation, as a financial product that promotes, among other things, environmental or social characteristics. We decided to focus our efforts on three ESG subjects:

• Ethical Technology
• People Well-being
• Carbon Reduction

We are convinced that those challenges fully align with our performance as investor; and this is our differentiated narrow portfolio strategy and operating DNA that allows us to act as dedicated and impactful partners on those three ESG pillars.

Detailed sustainability-related disclosures

Dreamers welcome