Our Data-Driven Approach To VC

Convinced that data will reshape the VC industry, we created RAMP, a data platform designed to help us in every part of our jobs in order to transform us into enhanced investors.
Since then, RAMP has been used by our team to spot hundreds of deal flow opportunities, conduct dozens of startups analysis & deep dives, save thousands of hours, and more.
As a result, we were recognised as one of the top 20 funds driving the data revolution in VC.

How RAMP makes us Augmented investors

Collect millions of data points about companies

RAMP gathers millions of data points on 100k+ startups (growth metrics, markets, international presence, people, investors, ESG, etc.)

Identify potential investment opportunities

We created dozens of signals using NLP, Machine Learning and statistics allowing us to spot interesting startups at the right time.

Analyse companies

RAMP offers us a variety of scores, comparable and insights about any startup regrouped in a comprehensive front-end platform.

Map industries and competitors

Thanks to our proprietary algorithms, RAMP allows us to easily search startups through sub-industries, technologies, etc. as well as mapping the competitive environment of any company.

Generate sharable insights

We leverage RAMP to generate useful market, startups, and competitors insights for our closed partners.

RAMP Insights

Each month, we leverage our platform to identify the most exciting European tech companies in a given sector and extract exciting trends which are worth following.
We analyse them and share our findings together with the top 10 tech companies of that sector in our newsletter.
See below some of the sectors we analysed recently.

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Construction Tech

Digital Health


Computer Vision

B2C Christmas gifts

Energy Transition software


Food & Agri tech

Sustainable Fashion

Health & AI


Generative AI

Ocean Tech

Space Tech

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