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Ada Health

Ada’s best-in-class health assessment and care navigation platform combines medical knowledge with powerful AI. Its consumer app has become the world’s most popular and highest-rated symptom assessment. Monetization started with Ada providing enterprise solutions to a wide range of partners across health systems, insurers, and life sciences.

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Proptech giving elevator technicians more responsibility thanks to IoT + in house “OS” + strong data analysis leading to game changing quality and efficiency.

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Jiko is building a new foundation for money by becoming the first US fintech to complete the takeover of a national bank. Combined with deep tech innovation, Jiko is able to offer other fintechs an extremely customizable array of Banking services.

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Worldia is a B2B2C travel tech platform built to address the fast-growing custom travel segment.

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iObeya's technology mimics the physical rooms used in Lean and Agile processes and has proved essential for distributed teams, even more during the pandemic.

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Brut’s strategy of creating socially conscious, platform-agnostic content for millennials and Gen Z around the world is the future of media.

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Dataimpact is shaking up the retail analytics space. Its platform helps the largest Fast Moving Consumer Brands with the deployment and optimization of their omnichannel distribution.

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Allo-Media’s voice intelligence platform transforms in real time all phone calls into customers structured data, actionable by brands.

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Speach.me is re-inventing employee education and training with its micro-learning platform. Thanks to its short peer-to-peer videos, Speachme fosters transfer of knowledge within the company.

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LeCollectionist offers travelers online access to luxury vacation rentals with hotel-like services and a local private concierge.

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